This year will be an extremely important year for your child. Your child will have a small amount of homework each night. It will be very important for your child to complete the homework each night. Please take the time to help your child get into a routine of completing their homework and help them to establish good study habits early on in the year.

Your child will be bringing home two books to read each night. Please spend time with your child as they begin the process of learning to read. The students should be spending 10 minutes a night on their reading.

Here are a few suggestions that might help aid in the reading process at home:

  1. Choose a quiet area for reading.
  2. Read to your child and have your child read for a short period of time each day.
  3. Show your genuine enthusiasm and interest. Be positive and encouraging.
  4. Read to your child if the book is too difficult.
  • Read the book or portions of the book and encourage your child to follow along by placing your finger under each line as it is read.
  • Read the book slowly, pausing and allowing your child to fill in words that they know.
  • Read alternate paragraphs or pages with your child if the book is only a little too difficult.
  • Listen to your child read and encourage questions about the reading selection.

They will also be responsible for learning three word wall words a week. The words will be sent home each Monday and a test will be given every Friday. We will be incorporating activities at school into our day that will help them learn these words but it will be important for them to review and practice them at home as well.

Throughout the year we will be learning different math skills that can be practiced at home. The following is a quick list of skills the students can practice at home:

  1. math facts (addition and subtraction facts)
  2. counting by 1's, 2's and 5's to 120 and identifying numbers to 120
  3. identifying and knowing the value of the quarter, dime, nickel, penny, and counting small amounts of change

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